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99 Medispa Lockdown Special Packages are now available for purchase online!

Here at 99 Medispa we are happy to announce our latest treatment packages available at discounted prices. Just select your desired treatment, purchase at checkout then say hello to your next appointment with us! Be quick though, these specials are updated on a regular basis, so buy now to avoid missing out!
Card image for 5 x Emsculpt package
5 Sessions of Emsculpt. Burnt fat and build muscle! (Limited ONLY 5 Spots available!!!)
5 x Emsculpt
Card image for 5 x Collagen Bed package
5 Sessions of Hapro Seecret Collagen Bed treatment
5 x Collagen Bed
Card image for 3 x Picosure package
3 Sessions of Picosure Laser + 3 Free Facials!
3 x Picosure